about us

JSS stands for Just Simple Solutions. Our goal is to solve the never-ending claims puzzle presented to us by insurance companies. Our ability to do so can be found in the diverse background of who we are. Our adjusters have been business owners, from real estate to retail. Scott, our founder, used to sell insurance from an independent broker—his reason for leaving was simple: As claims were called in, his hands were tied in helping the consumers who suffered losses, and he realized at that point that he was on the wrong side of the equation. In the public adjusting field, the streets are littered with inexperienced adjusters, many of whom never owned a property on their own. They “chase” fires in an attempt to get someone suffering the worst moment of their life to sign a contract with false hopes and promises.
Believe it or not, there is even a Multi-Level Marketing firm that sells themselves as adjusters - go figure. We do not operate that way. Unless you are a client of ours or have called us, we will not show up at your door. We are referral based only and our fees are the same for all customers. We do not negotiate to “win” a contract. It is our belief that everyone should be treated fairly by their insurance companies. Oftentimes we help new clients simply by providing them with information and a common sense approach to their insurance company, when the use of a public adjuster isn’t warranted. Making a few dollars isn’t our motto, assisting clients in need is. We are happy to provide lists of both business and personal referrals, who can validate our level of care, concern, and ultimately, results.

fee structure

Our structure is simple: 15% of all claim dollars up to the first $50,000 recovery and 10% thereafter.  In the case of larger claims, over $500,000, the fees are discussed individually.

Also—and probably of utmost importance—our fee is not solely based on what every other adjusting firm on the street says, “We get you more.”  Yes, that is our goal, however, there is so much more than that.

JSS Claims will:

  • Take away the communication and constant back and forth with the insurance company
  • Recommend quality contractors
  • Get you accurate estimates that are in your favor, covering all necessary work and damages
  • Bring in remediation and mitigation firms who do the work properly, as opposed to letting your insurance company bring in a firm working on 30 cents on the dollar
  • Communicate every step of the way, even when there will be delays

That’s how we earn our fee.

To maximize your benefit of using JSS Claims, call us prior to calling your insurance company.  This way, we can help prevent you from using terminology which can hurt your claim.


The reason we don’t negotiate takes on a new meaning.  Many, if not all adjusters, will cut their fees to get a signed contract.  Seems like the obvious approach, however, cutting fees is also cutting results.  See the below example for a small claim.

You can see that by working with us and our results that an additional $6,000 was paid to the insured, regardless of the fee.  It works the exact opposite of a “tax.”