Public Adjusting

What is Public Adjusting?
Here at JSS Claims, we understand that when disaster strikes your home, business, or facility, it can feel like your life is in pieces—and our Public Adjusting services are here to help you solve the insurance claim puzzle.


Whether your home, business, or facility has recently experienced a fire, flood, or damage from a storm or other event, going through the insurance claims process alone can be confusing—it may also result in you getting less of a recovery from your insurance company. And that is why you need the expertise, knowledge, and experience of a JSS Claims public adjuster.

When you have a JSS Claims public adjuster on your side, they will assist you with every facet of your insurance claim, so you don’t have to. Plus, our team of experts have the experience and knowledge you need to help you get the maximum recovery you want. In order to deliver this, your JSS Claims public adjuster will analyze every aspect of your case—from your insurance policy to the event in question—so you can get the insurance claim results you want and need.

Disaster Can Strike at Anytime

If It Does, You Need a Public Adjuster

Life is unpredictable. Unfortunately this means that something expensive, such as your home, business, or facility, may fall victim to a fire, flood, storm, or other event that is out of your control. If this happens, you need the help and guidance of a public adjuster. In addition to these events, there are other reasons why you may need to seek the help and guidance of JSS Claims.

These reasons include, but are not limited to, the following:

You need

to get a maximum recovery

If your home, business, or facility becomes damaged from an unexpected event, don’t pick up the pieces alone—the team at JSS Claims is here to help you solve the insurance claim puzzle. Contact us to schedule your Public Adjusting appointment today!